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At Crosspoint City, we are passionate about helping adults know and follow Jesus. We believe this happens by helping people learn God's Word and how to live it out. Crosspoint City Classes are designed to be dedicated learning environments where you can learn God's Word and be equipped with the foundations you need to live out your faith. In order to accomplish this, we offer two different types of classes: Bible Classes and Core Classes.


Bible Classes

We believe The Word of God is the primary means through which we equip our people to live out this mission. The Bible is where we go to commune with the Living God and know his will for our lives. Therefore, we are committed to equipping our people with the right tools and skills they need to mine the depths of his Word. Our Bible Classes aim to help equip our people to grow in their understanding of the Bible and learn how to read it for themselves. These classes are designed to help you learn the skills you need to comprehend, interpret, and apply God's Word as a disciple of Jesus. We do this by walking verse-by-verse through different books of the Bible over the course of 10-weeks together. Each week you will be assigned five days of homework to help you comprehend, interpret, and apply the text on your own. Then, we will gather for group discussion and a teaching on the assigned passage for the week. Our Bible Classes are gender-based and are high-commitment. This Spring we will begin our second semester studying of the book of Acts. If you missed the first semester, that is ok! We will do an overview week 1 and you can jump in for the second half!

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Core Classes

At Crosspoint City, we want to equip every believer with the right foundations they need to follow Jesus and help make disciples. Therefore, we are offering Core Classes to help teach these foundations we believe every follower of Jesus needs in order to live out their faith and the mission Jesus has given to every single one of us. We will be offering four different Core Classes on different topics that we believe are foundational to our faith. Such topics include our essential beliefs, spiritual formation, the mission of the gospel, and the story of the Bible. We will also offer elective classes occasionally on different topics as needed. These classes will be offered on a rotating schedule so that everyone can take them at some point. These classes are curriculum-based and are mixed-gendered learning environments. Our hope is that every member of Crosspoint City would complete every Core Class at some point. Our Spring Core Class is The Essentials. 

Have you ever wondered why we believe what we believe as Christians? Do you struggle to articulate your faith and how to explain your beliefs to someone else? This core class is designed to equip you to explain and apply the fundamental beliefs of being a Christ follower. Our hope is that this class will help train you to know the essential beliefs of our faith and how they apply to our lives as Christ followers.

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