Throughout the month of January, we are taking 4 weeks to discover the book of Jonah. Join us as we dive deeper into the 4 chapters found in this profound story: The Storm, The Darkness, The Light, and The Desolation. The primary theme in Jonah is that God’s compassion is boundless, not limited just to “us” (Jonah and the Israelites) but also available for “them” (the pagan sailors and the Ninevites) 

While we are not gathering on January 2nd, we will kick off this series on Thursday, January 6th & Sunday, January 9th. 

Join us each week in person or online, 

CLOSER: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting | January 16 - February 6, 2022 
Here at Crosspoint City, we believe that nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer, which is why we call our church to pray and fast for 21 days at the top of every year. This year we’ll start on January 16, and we’re calling the season Closer because our goal is simple: we want to draw close to God believing his promise that in doing so he’ll draw close to us. 
Over the course of these 21 days, we’ll provide resources on our app and website to help you pray and spend time in God’s Word. We’ll give you a fasting guide so that you can understand its purpose and be intentional about giving God your undivided attention. Then we’ll close out the season with a series of Revival Nights where we’ll gather for worship, prayer, and preaching.

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Next Steps Class | All Campuses

No matter how long you’ve been following Jesus, we believe you have next steps to take in your relationship with him and his church. Through this class, our goal is to help you identify those next steps and take them so that you continue growing in Christlikeness.

Over four weeks, you’ll learn about your individual purpose and our collective mission as a church. You’ll hear about the importance of community as it relates to mission and spiritual maturity. You’ll identify your spiritual gifts and discover God’s intention in giving them to you. Finally, a Next Steps Coach will help you develop a personalized next steps plan so that you have clarity on where to go from here.

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We offer baptisms each month. We would love to celebrate with you as you take this next step in your faith! Baptism is a public declaration of a restored relationship with God through faith in Christ. Crosspoint encourages anyone who has made a profession of faith to follow the way of Jesus and be baptized as a step of obedience.

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School of Ministry | Applications Open!
When it comes to the School of Ministry, our goal is simple. We want to:
  • Identify - Help men and women identify their calling and gifts.
  • Equip - Train men and women in the areas of theology, biblical understanding, and leadership.
  • Send - Send them out into “their” world to fulfill the Great Commission.

In Luke 10, Jesus tells us, "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." (Luke 10:1-2)  As a church, we are asking God and praying earnestly that He will use Crosspoint, through the School of Ministry to identify, equip, and send out laborers for the Gospel. 

Classes run January 24th - March 28th and the deadline to apply is January 20th! 

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Crosspoint City Classes | Spring Semester Dates TBD
At Crosspoint City, we are passionate about helping adults know and follow Jesus. We believe this happens by helping people learn God's Word and how to live it out. Crosspoint City Classes are designed to be dedicated learning environments where you can learn God's Word and be equipped with the foundations you need to live out your faith. In order to accomplish this, we offer two different types of classes: Bible Classes and Core Classes.
We will have information available soon on our Spring Semester dates in classes!

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2021 Annual Report | Coming early 2022
Each year we take time to look back over the last 12 months to see how God has been faithful in our community. This year's Annual Report is a quick overview of some of the highlights that we have seen happen at Crosspoint City. If you've given to Crosspoint City or served in any capacity this past year, thank you for your generosity and for serving faithfully during such an uncertain & challenging year!
Our 2021 Annual report will be available soon!

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In the fall of 2019, we launched an initiative to challenge every person that calls Crosspoint home to leave the table of comfort, complacency, and familiarity, and get on the floor of service, sacrifice, and mission. This initiative is called MOVE: Leaving the table for the floor. As we continue on in our initiative, it isn't too late for you to join us!

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January Prayer Focus
This year we are taking each month of the year focusing on three areas to pray over as a church. We know that when we pray, BIG things happen. This coming month, we are praying over the following three areas in our church: 1) CLOSER: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting 2) For those who need to get connected in a group 3) Continued growth at our Adairsville and Rome campuses. 

As you are joining us this month, we would encourage you to visit our online prayer wall. This digital wall is a great location to post your prayers and pray over the needs of others. Visit the link below for more information. We look forward to praying together this month.  

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We know because of Jesus that God is a generous giver and not a taker (John 3:16). Since we are called to be imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1), we believe that generous, cheerful giving is essential to following Jesus and reflecting His character and nature to others (2 Corinthians 9:7-8). We believe that giving is a blessing from God, and something he desires FOR us, not FROM us. You can mail in a check or cash,  give online, or through the Gyve app.

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