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HS Students at Home!

We miss you, but...

We have a very exciting and creative way to help you know and follow Jesus right at home so you can stay healthy and grow at the same time! Over the next 5 weeks we will be going through a study called "What to do When You Don't Know What to do" Check here each Sunday night at 7pm for the weekly Teaching Video and Devotional Guide!

"What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do" - HS Students 

Series Overview: Sometimes knowing what to do is easy. When your car is running out of gas you, get gas. When you see something funny, you post it on Snapchat. But other times, knowing what to do isn’t as simple. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we just don’t know what to do. When we don’t know what next step to take, why we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing, or how to change our circumstances for the better, we get overwhelmed, frustrated, and often, just ready to give up altogether. In this series, we’re going to look at the life of a guy in the Bible who often found himself in situations where he just didn’t know what to do: Joseph. And as we look as his life, we’ll learn that there is actually a lot we can do when we don’t know what to do.

Worship Playlist: Graves into Gardens - Elevation Worship, Behold the Lamb - Passion,  Worthy of Your Name - Passion

Week 1: Pay attention to how you affect your family

Teaching Video Week 1

Daily Devotional for Week 1

WEEK 2: When there’s nothing you can do, God is with you

Teaching Video Week 2

Daily Devotional for Week 2

WEEK 3: When you don’t know what to do, do the next right thing

Teaching Video Week 3

Daily Devotional for Week 3

WEEK 4: Remember that your problems can position you for a purpose

Teaching Video Week 4

Daily Devotional for Week 4

WEEK 5: Pursue peace instead of payback

Daily Devotional for Week 5

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