Deacon Nomination 

This year, Crosspoint will be introducing deacons to the ministry of the church. Deacons will serve by meeting practical needs and caring for the people of the church. On this page, you will be able to learn more about deacons and how this role will operate at Crosspoint.  

Deacon nomination will be open from May 6th through May 27th. To nominate someone who you feel is qualified and willing to serve in this role, please follow the link below: 

Deacon Nomination Form


Learn More About Deacons

See the Crosspoint Deacon Role Description by following this link.

Below are frequently asked questions when discussing deacon ministry in the local church: 

What is a deacon?

The Greek term translated “deacon” is diakonos, meaning “servant.” This word appears 29 times in the New Testament. Related terms are the verb diakoneo (“to serve,” 36 times in the NT) and the noun diakonia (“service, ministry, office,” 33 times in the NT). “The original frame of reference for the use of the entire word group of the diak- stem in secular Greek was that of table service. The basic meaning of the verb, correspondingly, was wait on tables.” From this more specific beginning describing a “waiter,” the term developed a more general sense to connote “one who serves.”

Why do we need deacons in the church today?

In the New Testament (Acts 6), we see deacons introduced as a role in the church as the church grew and problems began to arise due to church growth. This same need exists in churches today. At Crosspoint, we have a great need and burden to ensure the entire body is cared for well. Deacons serving in the biblical role will help to meet the needs that arise throughout the life of the church. 

What are the qualifications to serve as a deacon?

1st Timothy 3:8-13 outlines very clearly the qualifications to become a deacon. These qualifications will be broken out below:

  • Men worthy of respect – dignified, honorable, noble, highly esteemed; men whom younger Christians want to be like

  • Sincere – “not double-spoken;” honest and truthful; careful in speech

  • Not indulging in much wine – no addictions; self-controlled in habits

  • Not pursuing dishonest gain – not greedy; not “in it for the money” (i.e. they are not serving in hopes of eventually getting paid by the church)

  • Must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience – hold to sound theology; understand the gospel; no discrepancy between what they profess and how they live

  • Must first be tested – proved faithful over time; stand up under examination

    Additional requirements for wives or female deacons:

  • Women worthy of respect– dignified, noble, honorable; women whom younger Christians want to emulate

  • Not malicious talkers–not slanderers or gossips

  • Temperate–clear-minded; self-controlled in habits

  • Trustworthy in everything–totally reliable; doing well in all life roles (wife, mother, etc)

    Additional requirements for married male deacons

  • A one-woman man–faithful to wife; sexually pure

  • Manages his children and household well – leads, manages, and provides for his family; kids respect and obey their father

Can women serve as deacons?

While this question is debated by some, Crosspoint believes men and women can and should serve as deacons. We see potential evidence of female deacons in Romans 16:1. While Scripture is the highest authority on this issue, we also see women serving as deacons in early church history. While the church is to be led by godly men serving as elders, we believe the role of a deacon is open to men and women. 

What will a deacon do at Crosspoint?

Deacons will be mainly responsible for caring for the people that make up Crosspoint City Church. This will include visiting the sick, meeting practical needs, and being prepared to respond to families in any emergency situations. To see the details broken out, see the Deacon Role Description linked above. 

What is the difference between an elder and a deacon?

The main task of an elder is to provide theological oversight, vision, and direction for the church as a whole. The main task of a deacon is to serve the church in practical ways. One of the main distinctions in the qualification for an elder and a deacon are that elders must be able to teach (1 Tim 3:2) while that is not listed for a deacon. Acts 6 shows how elders and deacons function differently in the local church. 

What will the nomination and selection process look like?

Deacon nominations will be open from May 6th through May 27th. The goal is to begin this ministry with ten men/women serving in this capacity. Once the nomination process ends, the vetting and interview process will begin. Those nominated will be vetted based off of the qualifications given in 1st Timothy 3:8-13 and his/her desire to serve in this role. The Crosspoint elders will ultimately have the final decision on who will serve as a deacon. 


*Much of the content above was adapted or quoted from Bob Thune in a position paper on Deacons in the local church. To read his work, visit this link. 

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